Thursday, February 22, 2007

TAB MAC airport

Tachikawa AB MAC Terminal

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lzambeni said...

Thanks - it's interesting to see these old photos. I came here in my research on the JFK assassination. This is the airbase that John Pic - Lee Harvey Oswald's brother (1/2 brother) served at in '58- July'62, while Oswald was at the U2 base in Atsugi before he "defected" to the USSR. Marilyn D. Murret - his cousin (his mother's daughter) was teaching in a school in Tokyo. She told the Warren Commission she went to visit John Pic at TAB Nov 1st of '59 shortly after LHO defected (Sept '59) and was told by Pic's wife about the defection. Pic in his WC testimony said he told her. Murret was, to say the least, "a world traveler" - rarely at home - traveling solo, to Europe,the Middle east, Asia, Australia and South America spending 1/2 yr at a time in places like Karachi as a "tourist". She was no doubt CIA as was LHO. Recent info releases have indicated he was likely one of the many in the CIA's "false defector" program during that era. He was also an FBI informant.