Saturday, December 30, 2006

C-124 Tachikawa air base 1960


roger Bouthillier said...

This is a great composition picture. My guess it was taken with a telephoto lens that makes mt fuji appear to be much closer. On a clear day Mt Fuji would be seen in the far distance, not so prominent. Great picture!
I was there 56-58.C124s with 374th troop carrier group,374thtroop carrier wing,315th air division.
Tachi West.
mass computers were not even dreamed of then.
A good transistor radio was the best electronic device
and the Japanese made good ones cheap.
Cheers to my AF brothers

Unknown said...

Rodger - I agree, this is a great picture with Mt. Fuji in the background much bigger than life. I was used to seeing it visually from 1950 to 52. I was attached to the 22nd TCS. Those were C-54 days and what a plane that was.

The 22nd TCS is now the 22nd MAS and they hold a reunion every year.

Jim DeWan A/1st.
Kirkwood, NY