Saturday, December 30, 2006

Tachikawa AB 1961 C-47


JOEY said...

Mike, really great pictures!!! Keep up the good work. Joey

Terry Snider said...

Mike, I don't know you, but I am married to Terry Snider who went to Yamato High with lots of you guys. I love seeing the photos of places and times Terry loves to talk about. I will be trying to print some of them for our kids, that sense of history you have so nicely preserved and shared. Thanks. Mary

Tuppy said...

My husband was posted to Yokota AFB where I lived for 4 years.
My daughter was born at Tachikawa Hospital in 1969.
I did a little volunteer work for Red Cross assisting with Vietnam injured at Tachikawa and Yokota.
If it weren't for the competence of medical staff at Tachikawa Hospital who cared for me during a serious illness I wouldn't be here today.
Very kind regards,
Heather R.